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Beach Weddings

Getting married on a beach is many people's dream. The South Pacific is fortunate in having some of the best beach locations in the world with Fiji in particular being a favourite spot not only for its idyllic secluded beaches but also for the developed tourist infrastructure which enables large groups to visit and stay in the same resort. Most beach weddings are conducted using an arch made of flowers and an aisle of coconut fronds laid upon the sand.

There are plenty of beautiful beach locations all around Fiji so deciding which resort to choose can be difficult. The obvious guides are what fits your budget for both you and your guests. Nadi is close and therefore more convenient for larger groups but there are fewer nice beaches and more commercial resorts here. The offshore islands are great but accommodation prices are at a premium. The larger the resort the less intimate the wedding will be. If you don't have many guests, consider a small resort - the staff are inevitably more friendly and you'll be treated with special attention - not just one in a line of weddings.

My favourite locations for a Beach Wedding in Fiji:

Tokoriki Island Resort, Offshore
Small upmarket resort one hour by boat from Nadi, no kids

Castaway Island Resort, Offshore
Great beach views, secluded wedding and intimate atmosphere

Matamanoa Island, Offshore
Small mid range resort 1 hour by boat from Nadi, no kids

Treasure Island Resort, Offshore
Family resort on small island 40 minutes by boat from Nadi

Octopus Resort, Outer Islands
Budget resort with great bar, 1 hour 30 mins by boat from Nadi

Fijian Resort, Coral Coast
Ideal for large groups or if there are kids in your wedding party

A few other important details to consider whilst having a beach wedding - the sun can be hot, so the preferrred time of the wedding is in the late afternoon as the sun becomes cooler, or in the early morning. Unfortunately the late afternoon is also the most likely time for cloud cover and, in the summer season, for tropical rainstorms. Whilst getting married on a beach is a dream for many, be prepared for spontaneity - if the heavens open you have three choices - wait, get wet or take cover. I myself was married in the rain - it is considered a blessing.

The other important point to consider is the tide. It is always nice for the photographs to have some water in them, and for the couple to be close to the water. At some rersorts, high tide is the best time to achieve this, at other resorts it is mid or low tide. Also remember it is morte likely to be windy at high tide which can play havoc on your hair.

Most couples prefer to get married in formal dress - a white gown for the bride and slacks and a shirt for the groom. Ties, socks, brogues, veils and kilts have been worn at the beach weddings I've attended but these can become uncomfortably hot. Consider wearing a light dress, no tie and be bare foot. Or go really island style and wear a colourful sarong.

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