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Your Wedding Photographs

All pictures are taken as both RAW and JPEG images using professional Nikon digital cameras (D200 featuring 10 MegaPixels and Nilkkor VR lens). These pictures can be printed to an extremely high quality at sizes of 60cm x 40cm. The pictures are available for collection at our Nadi Airport office before you leave Fiji and will be on multiple DVDs containing all original pictures together with the selected "BEST" pictures which have standard colour adjustment applied. The "BEST" pictures are printed as a colour contact sheets (12 pictures on one A4 page - see sample below) so you can quickly view and easily select the photos you want to print when you get back home.

Sample Contact Sheet

For an additional fee of F$100 I will post eight images on the Internet as soon as I get home so your friends and family can view your special day almost instantly (for overnight packages this will be the next day) - now this instant service is simply not available with traditional print film - If you require this service, please advise me in advance so I can give you the website address for you to pass on to your freinds and family.

There are several reasons why digital photography is the best solution for your Fiji wedding photogaphy. Firstly, the quality of digital photography is now so advanced that it equals traditional print film for the print specifications required by most couples. The edge in digital photography is the speed in delivery and the ease in storing, editing and viewing your images.

Portfolio of Pictures

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