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Ian Osborn

I'm originally from England and first came to Fiji in 1989. I fell in love with the place and stayed on for 6 months to travel around the outer islands. The memories stayed with me and the following year I returned to Fiji to try and establish myself as a resident photographer. Between 1991 and 1997 I operated my own photographic business in Nadi working mainly with tourism resorts and commercial companies and writing the occassional adventure travel stories about the more remote parts of Fiji. During this time I published two photographic books, "Fiji" and "Rotuma".

In 1998 I turned my attention to travel publishing and the Internet to launch Pacific Travel Guides, a series of informative guides promoting tourism throughout the South Pacific Islands and this expanded to become Beautiful Pacific Holidays, an inbound travel agency. Our series of websites continue to amongst the leading travel publications for the South Pacific on the Internet. One of the main selling points of the websites is its creative and unique photography which I still retain with a passion. Whilst I spend the majority of my time working on these travel publications, I take on 26 wedding photography assignments a year, one every 2 weeks, which gets me out and about and doing what I love best - taking pictures ...

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